Shareable, Interactive Reporting for Your Domain

The status page is an interactive visualization of check status, detailing historic downtime data, average response time and outages.

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Comprehensive Downtime Analysis, Limited Access

Share status pages with consultants, clients, or executives to make educated decisions based on accurate server performance metrics most critical to your operations.

Instant Insights

Your most important data on outages and downtime, with critical statistics packaged within a single view.

Track History

Follow every downtime incident for every check type, with details on causes, location, time and duration of outages.

Downtime Ratio

At-a-glance analysis provides a snapshot of server performance using percentages and graphs to convey high-level information, with options to drill down into specific incidents.

Response Time

Gauge your server and website performance with an average calculation of the response time for each check type.

Custom Branded Reporting that Adapts to You

Customize private and public status pages with your company logo for self-branded Status Pages. Control who views what, or create separate pages to track infrastructure for each user group.

Document the Complete History of Incidents

Detailed metrics tell administrators what went wrong, and track the history of a response. Publish incident descriptions and updates as teams respond, instead of generic auto-generated updates, to convey status in real time.

A Comprehensive Tool for Auditing

Historical downtime data gives more detailed IT auditing power over every facet of your website, for the most comprehensive record of server status.

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